Types of Bulbs for Outdoor Spaces

By on 8-19-2017 in Business

Residential and commercial buildings all need to have proper lighting inside and outside of their premises. Basically, interior lights are important in order to ensure that people can move around without hassles. Such also add beauty to the interior design and functionality of the property. The outdoor area will also look better when there are lights. Nevertheless, the most important reason why people should install outdoor lights is for safety and security purposes. A well-lit outdoor space will keep burglars, robbers, and other criminals away from the property.


However, it should be noted that having a sustainable lighting for parking spaces, porches, decks, gardens, and patios is not enough. Building owners should also make sure that they also install the right type of bulb. Such is due to the fact that some bulbs cannot withstand the changes in climate or weather condition that is present outside. Additionally, some may not be bright enough to secure the whole property. Nevertheless, some experts have shared their knowledge on bulbs so that people would know what to look for when they are looking for bulbs that they will place outdoors.


Light-Emitting Diode Bulbs or LEDs are products that are gaining popularity because they have proven that they have a long life. Meaning, people do not need to change their bulbs every time. They are also known for producing bright lights with different colors from warm yellow to cool blue. They are also recommended by many experts because of the fact that they can lower the electrical bill of the user. Additionally, they are also good for outdoors since they can survive very cold weather temperatures. The thing is that they are even more efficient at such extreme weather conditions. However, the efficiency of LED light bulbs lowers when the weather is too hot. The solution given by experts is to ensure that there is proper air flow around the bulb. Such is important to ensure that heat will not build up around the bulb.


A more affordable alternative for LED bulbs is the CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs). However, they are less energy-efficient as compared to the LEDs. Some of these recyclable products are sold with a plastic coating that will hold the shards and mercury inside in case the bulb breaks. Although they are also good bulbs for the outdoors, people should also take note that they often take the time to brighten during cold climate. Thus, they should be turned on earlier.